is critical to a brands success!
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For Every

$ 1

marketers spend on email marketing, they receive $42 in return.

Litmus Research

It Costs

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more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing customer. 

Forbes Magazine, 2018
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of online shoppers say they would not return to a website if they had a bad shopping experience. 

AWS Report
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of repeat business was lost by U.S. organisations as a result of poor personalization and lack of trust

Accenture’s 13th annual Global Consumer Pulse report


Primis provides a Customer Experience solution focused on improving the branded & personalised customer experience you provide to your consumers across multiple touch-points and initiatives.​


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Our platform not only provides live updates in a visually engaging format – we are also focused on sustainability and providing the necessary tools to support an organisation on its journey to become B Corp certified.

Our post-purchase CX platform provides:


Improve your consumers customer experience after they purchase from you by using a branded & personalised tracking portal which provides all the information your consumer needs at their finger tips.

Proven to reduce WISMO costs, increase your Net Promoter Score, and improve repeat business from your Consumers as a result, our tracking software provides you with a value for money proposition which you will benefit from immediately!

Primis Track is built using an end-to-end system, picking up details of the order directly from your eCommerce marketplace and dispatch details directly from your preferred carrier. These seamless integrations ensure that your customer receives all appropriate updates immediately when they occur.

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Gone are the days when next day delivery was a retailers USP! This is now an expectation of consumers and you therefore need to differentiate to stand out from your competitors in order to generate true customer loyalty!

Imagine as a customer spending all that time looking for the perfect online purchase and deciding to buy that amazing item, and part with your hard earned cash, to be told “thank you for your purchase” and then hearing nothing or getting a non-personalised, generic update from your delivery partner?

Your customers are frustrated that they are being treated as a number rather than an individual! Just look at some TrustPilot reviews and the feedback speaks for itself!

No wonder customers shop around for the best experience rather than developing a true loyalty to a particular brand and going back time and again because of the personalisation they have been offered!

However, you can manage this emotional part of the journey by implementing a tailored post-purchase Customer Experience platform focused on open communication which develops both trust and loyalty for a brand once a customer has parted with their cash.

$ 700

of repeat business was lost by U.S. organisation as a result of poor personalization and lack of trust

Accenture’s 13th annual Global Consumer Pulse report
A post-purchase Customer Experience
platform would allow:

Deliver Multi-touchpoint


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